the quotidian (7.8.24)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Vinegar by the gallon: tis the season!

Zucchini relish, restocked: time to grill some hot dogs.

Supper delivery prepped: pepperoni rolls, plus salad and mint chip ice cream.


Mold: don’t freak, just scoop it off.

Petals and locks.

Pig puddle.

Just a-swinging.

Father’s Day delivery: one gift to make his life easier, and one to make life harder (stay tuned!).

Look who’s back!

Circle left.


This same time, years previous: cracked all-the-grain sourdough, banana pudding, mushroom burgers with cheese, the quotidian (7.8.19), fresh strawberry cake, nose spots, reflections from Kansas City, the quotidian (7.8.13), grilled flatbread.


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