the quotidian (7.8.13)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace 

Cracking macadamia nuts.
(This is the guy who gets my kids to eat purple cabbage and weeds.)

Playing house.

Hello, World!
Love, Me

A rest time creation.

The tooth that is no longer.
(The custom for lost teeth is the same here as in the Congo.
We stuck to our traditions, however: lots of candy so the teeth rot out faster
because our tooth fairy is greedy.)

Bug girl.

Getting dressed the K’ekchi’ way, via a doorknob.

Rain, as viewed from a waiting bus in Chamelco. 
(Notice the trash “can.”)

A friend took us to an orchid exposition. 
One of my girls took this picture. I love it for the bokeh.
I burned the green beans.


    • Jennifer Jo

      Gladly! In order to tighten the skirt, the one end of the rope/waistband gets looped over a doorknob (nail, hook, whatever). Then, once the skirt is tight, she goes about the complicated process of tying the rope. (In this case, my daughter just spun in circles until it was all wrapped up. This is not the correct way, but it works.)

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