help a set of grumpies out, will ya?

This evening I turned the oven on to preheat and then, when it was still cool, I slipped in a grape pie before sitting down for supper. Supper finished, I noticed the oven still wasn’t to temp.

Oh dear. 

And then we noticed that the house smelled like burning something or other. Not gas, but carbon monoxide maybe? My husband says, nah, it was “incomplete combustion.” Whatever.

We turned the oven off, I removed the raw pie (maybe it will still be bakeable at a later point?), and now my husband and I are settled on the couch, each on our respective computers, me crowdsourcing via writing this post and him researching stoves and grumbling all the while:

“I don’t want to pay for a bunch of shit that I don’t need. I just want an oven that works for the next 25 years.”
“Why do we have to have smart features? People don’t even bake! Ooo, look — I can turn on my oven from Japan.”
“What’s with all this air fryer crap?”
“For half the price of a stove, you can get a warranty!”
“Maybe we should get electric. Heat is heat, right?”
“I don’t want the best of 2024. I want the best from ten years ago that’s still running.”
“It doesn’t have air frying capabilities. [Bleep.] What are we gonna do.”
“Oh, here we go. A Viking. It’s only ten thousand dollars.”

We purchased our newly-deceased stove about 6 years ago (six years!) and since then my husband’s replaced the ignitor about 4 times. He’s had enough.

So here we are on a Friday night with a half-baked pie and loaves of sourdough proofing in the cheese cave and an upcoming oven-based company dinner … and no oven. This time, we’re willing to pay more money (because we have a little more than before), but we don’t need anything fancy. We just want a range that’ll last. 

So please, please, pretty please tell me about the stove of your dreams. What do you have? What would you love to have? Taking all your best suggestions ASAP, please and thank you, from the depths of our grumpity hearts.


  • Norma

    After working at a bakery, my favourite oven is one with a side swing door (or two french doors). It’s so nice to get the heavy casseroles in and out of the oven when you can get right up to it and not reach over the door. All of the other bells and whistles on various brands are nice, but when planning for using it when I’m eighty, I want one that makes it easy not to drop anything!

  • Lauralli

    My appliance repair guy told me that appliances are now made to last about 6-7 years. I’ve still got most of my 21 years old kitchen appliances from when we built–everything but the dishwasher (which has been replaced twice already–we absolutely love the Kitchenaid dishwasher we bought last. It’s the best dw I’ve ever had). We have made a few small repairs to the microwave thanks to YouTube & amazon. My double wall ovens run too hot but I just watch and adjust according to the thermometers in the ovens. Kitchenaid refrigerator still works great (knock on wood). We simply want to keep these going as long as possible because we know we won’t get longevity out of future appliances. It’s pretty frustrating!

  • Lindsay

    We have a 48″ BlueStar (6 burners + a griddle) and it is amazing. They now offer duel-fuel, which I think would be nice. If I had to do it again I’d consider an all-electric induction range, which some higher-end brands are now offering. If staying with gas range I have really liked the BlueStar – it’s modeled after restaurant ranges (open star burners) and can really crank, but also go really low if a super low simmer is needed. The larger oven fits a full size sheet pan. Also, it’s pretty easy to clean. They offer everything from 30″-60″ ranges.
    My only word of caution is that if you do get a more professional style range you really must have a substantial hood vent over it. We went with Vent-A-Hood and got one that’s 52″ wide so it fully overhangs the range. A over-the-range microwave and most retail level vent hoods won’t cut it if you go with a higher powered range.

  • Jennifer

    Convection is quite nice.
    Telescoping pullout racks. AMAZING! In any case, racks that glide , not just scrape along, are glorious.
    Also glorious (and fancy) is having a built in rotisserie! Beat chickens EVER.
    One feature I haven’t found actually useful is the proofing function. In my current oven, that’s 95°, which I think is too warm and creates sloppy puffy dough if it’s a high hydration dough. I prefer a sunny windowsill or similar for a slightly warm spot.

  • Sara

    Two other things!
    We had a Kitchen Aid before the Fisher Paykel and it was horrible. I will not buy another Kitchen Aid appliance as our entire Kitchen Aid kitchen had problems within a year.

    I found an appliance expert with a huge following who has solid recommendations. I read through tons of the pages and followed his Facebook group. It was really helpful in finding appliances that will last longer (hopefully).

  • Sara

    We have a 48” Fisher Paykel induction/gas range. It’s huge. It’s amazing. I cannot express how wonderful induction is!! I have 4 induction burners and 4 gas burners. I rarely use the gas although I was a gas burner devotee. I’m an induction convert. I will never go back to gas! Indiction heats so quickly and cooks almost perfectly. We use the gas burners almost solely for charing tortillas, when the power goes out, or holiday time extra burners. You do need a few specific pans. Pop a magnet on your pans and if it sticks, it will work for induction. Unfortunately, I did not realize one of my favorite pans is warped on the bottom. I still use it every single day on induction; it doesn’t work as perfect as it could with a flatter bottom pan.

    If there’s a fancy appliance store in your area they will have a few test appliances. Take your favorite pans in and test them. Seriously. They’ll let you. I didn’t but there was another customer testing 4 banana breads in different ovens and everyone was happy.

    I’ve never left a comment after following for years. I stumbled upon your blog from a roasted tomato sauce link (I think from Smitten Kitchen!!).

  • theresakishkan

    I have a Kenmore convection oven (electric) for 25 years and –touch wood- – it works like a charm. I bake, cook, can jams, etc, and it goes on. Also have a 30 yr old Kenmore over-the-range microwave. Had one warranty repair about 25 years ago. No more Kenmore in Canada, I don’t believe, since Sears disappeared. I grew up thinking that appliances lasted most of a life and watching my kids replace and upgrade is kind of revelatory.

  • Robyn

    I love my Kenmore induction stove. I’ve had electric coil, glass top, and gas over the years and the induction wins hands down. Will it last forever- unfortunately not. Appliances that are made to last are definitely a thing of the past. In the meantime I’ll enjoy my induction. Love my airfryer too. I cook all my meat and roasted veg in it now- cheaper than running the stove oven. I’m only cooking for myself these days and can see that for a large family with lots of mouths to feed it wouldn’t be big enough. My .02 worth.

  • Honeybee

    I am a firm believer in Consumer Reports. I purchase all my appliances using the guide.
    If interested you can get it at the library or pay a small fee to view the information online. FYI I love my Frigidaire induction range. It boils water faster then any gas range I have used!

  • Marcella Kottmeier

    We have had a JennAir range and oven combo for 28 years. (Gas) We have had to replace the heating element only once so far in the oven. Bread baker….high temps for a long time! The stove top still lights easily except for one burner (4Burner) so a match works. I have also only used the auto cleaner once. Did not like the whole vibe of it…
    I would purchase another one of these, they do range in price for what it is you want or do not want. Mine is older but has been reliable so far!

    • Lana

      I replaced my 42 year old Jenn Aire which I loved a few years ago and absolutely hate the new one. The oven does not brown anything but rather just dries put baked goods. You cannot make a decent biscuit or pizza in it. I wish it would just disappear.

  • Camille

    We purchased a Frigidaire, five burner gas range 9 years ago. Very affordable and it’s worked like a dream so far. Fingers crossed. By the way, I also have never, ever used the self-cleaning feature. I too had an appliance guy tell me NOT to do so as the extreme heat of self-cleaning does tend to ‘cook’ the electronics of any range over time. Frankly, it’s easier and less scary to just stick my head inside every so often and wipe that interior down. Not perfect, but passible. There’s nothing worse than having to purchase an appliance under duress, but doesn’t it always seem to happen that way!

  • Rosanna Nafziger

    I’m about to get my own LG induction range! I’ve found induction is such a delight for both cooking and canning, but it’s really the safety and efficiency that convinced me.

  • Mavis

    I will forever be in love with AGA stoves.

    Our AGA was an all electric model and was not “always on”. It only gave off extra heat if you left the oven doors open. It was dreamy and made the BEST cookies on the planet earth

    I’m pretty sure Mr. Handsome doesn’t want to spend that much money on a stove though {maybe you could find a used one?}. Link to stove:

    I am looking at this stove for the new place:

  • DB Stewart

    “For half the price of a stove, you can get a warranty!” Absolutely the (shocking) truth!
    Sorry, I have no idea…we’ve had our new stove for a year and it’s great (with all the gadgets including wifi which we’ve never used) so yup, it will likely last 5-6 years. Sigh.

  • Karen

    Would never again get a glass cooktop!!!! Miss my gas stove, but live in a area where everything is electric, and I hate it

  • Becky R.

    You know, now that I think on it, I have a stove top and an oven. Stove top gas, oven electric. I have had zero problems with my stove top, and it is a SS GE profile 5 burner that is at least 20 years old. It still looks good but the labels for the burners have almost been erased by cleaning so I just bought a new set to put on it. Now you read all the scary stuff about breathing in gas byproducts in your house from using a gas stovetop, but I don’t think I am going to change this thing until it dies. And I really do love how a gas stovetop cooks.

  • melodiemillerdavis

    Husband wants to know what brand the current one is. If you don’t mind telling. We have a GE (not gas) stove but it has worked 15 years, seamless. However, our microwave failed after just 8 months of use, in time for the warranty to pick up the fix it bill from Matt’s Appliances. In this case, Matt said we needed a better surge protector, so we got one. Keeping fingers crossed.

  • Heidi Lea Saddler

    You can get combination gas/electric stoves. Gas for the burners and electric for the oven. That might be the way to go. GE profile series.

  • JANE in Florida

    Can you buy something used? I have double ovens…installed in 1979. GE. Still working. Have replaced a few elements over the years. Quit using the self clean feature about 20 years ago…afraid the house would burn down. I clean with spray cleaner now (Easy Off) and it is just fine. We just had to get new washer/dryer. The 17 year old ones bit the dust.

  • Debbie

    We had the stove/oven of my dreams, a Viking, and although it was wonderful we had to replace the igniter twice in 12 years. I loved the size of the oven and the six burners and the high btus but thank goodness my husband could maintain it!

  • suburbancorrespondent

    My friends really like their magnetic induction stoves, but I think your pot bottoms have to be completely flat and even to make it work? Not sure…

    My electric (cheap) stove that we got in 2015 is ridiculous – each burner has its own idiosyncrasies that only I know, so it’s always complicated if someone else tries to use it. Also, one of the large burners is in the back, but if you put a large pot on it, the knob that sets the temp sort of gets in the way, which is irritating. It is also how I melted my InstantPot, because I set the InstantPot on the (NOT TURNED ON) stove and pushed it back so it wouldn’t be in the way and it hit that knob, which turned on the stove burner underneath it, but I couldn’t see that and then the InstantPot melted and we almost burned the house down, because I wasn’t in the kitchen because nothing was supposed to be ON. Still grateful my daughter happened to walk in there in time!

  • Becky R.

    The stove of my dreams was a Jenn-Aire, but that was very long ago in a land far away. I think someone bought them, and the quality has changed. I will be following this thread to see what other folks say. I wonder if it is possible to find a second hand commercial stove that isn’t huge. I thought about doing that when I replaced the one I have a couple of years ago. It is a GE, very long time to preheat, has all the bells and whistles (because you can preheat your oven when you leave work!). You need to be able to preheat from work, let me tell ya. When the guy installed it, he said, don’t use the self clean feature, it will cook your electronics. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I use my Breville Smart Oven most of the time. It works better. I guess the Breville is my new favorite stove.

  • Starr Aaron

    I think reliable appliances that last a generation are a thing of the past. But maybe if you buy the dumbest range available? Or you could be like me and go for induction. We just got a Bosch induction range and it’s wonderful so far. Sadly, I expect it will break for some silly reason within 6 years but in the meantime, I’m going to love it.

  • kathiekurtz

    We just got a new stove after our “new’ one of seven years conked out–at least the oven did, but the gas burners were not working well either. We got an induction stove on the recommendation of Earl and Ruth Zimmerman, saying it was the most energy efficient. The downside is that you need pans that work with magnets and a good number of ours didn’t, but we’ve made the transition and I’m pleased with it. I can tell you more if you want to talk.

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