the quotidian (4.8.24)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Multigrain sourdough and a pot of cheese.
(Always a pot of cheese.)


Sourdough English muffins.


Speed chill: hot bread (polenta sourdough), hungry woman, windy day.


Herby sourdough focaccia with fried eggs, bacon, and sharp Jack.

Recipe testing a potato sourdough.

Trying a new coffee cake: not convinced. Too many crumbs, oily mouth-feel.

Mystery mead.
(Grape and rhubarb . . . I think?)

Stackables, whoop-whoop!

Chilly fridge, oops.

Wack weather.

Rainbows galore.

Dish and cold side: parallel shifts.

Working hard or hardly working?

This same time, years previous: two (no three!) fun things, dairy developments, the different kinds of meals, the coronavirus diaries: week five, the quotidian (4.8.19), scatteredness, millet muffins, the quotidian (4.6.13), yellow cake.


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