two (no, three!) fun things

I was going to make a fun list for this Friday, and then I realized I only had two fun things, only one of which was new to me, so then I wondered if it was worth it to share, and is two things even a list anyway?, but: to heck with it. Fun is fun is fun. So there.


Season three of Ted Lasso is here!

New episodes are released Wednesday, so after we get home from pick-up Ultimate, shower, and eat supper, my husband and I plop down on the couch to watch the latest episode. It’s not anything that amazing, really — just familiar and homey and sweet, and the perfect end-of-day, bone-weary, tummy-full, couch-cuddle with my best bud. 

In other viewing news, we finished season one of Shrinking, which we loved. What are you watching? 


Have you met Squirmy and Grubs?

The other night I opened YouTube, just to see what the algorithm would recommend, and one of their videos popped up. Within minutes, my husband and I were sitting side-by-side (because I hollered at him to come watch), watching video after video. 

The channel is about an inter-abled couple’s relationship and watching their videos challenges my assumptions about bodies and relationships in ways I didn’t realize needed to be challenged, which makes the videos all the more fascinating. Two other bonuses: the videos 1) help me feel more grounded and matter-of-fact about my own body, and 2) make me feel more happy and hopeful, and not in a superficial way, either.  

(One caveat: their thumbnails and titles are often misleading, veering towards sensationalism, which bugs me, but aside from that, the videos and couple themselves are delightfully earthy.)


Oh, wait! I’ve got another fun thing, after all. (But for locals only — sorry, all you faraway readers.)

raspberry ricotta cake, minus 1/3 of the flour, oops (and thus the reason for test bakes)

At a bakery meeting a few weeks ago, we were wishing outloud that we could do more for Easter weekend (which is the third biggest holiday in the bakery world), and I suggested that a couple of us show up at 3 am on Saturday morning and bake out little buttsies off. A couple hours later one of the other bakers texted me, “Were you serious? Let’s do it!”

One thing led to another and now three of us are gonna have a rocking middle-of-the-night bake party, which means I have to get up at 2:00 tomorrow morning to mix up bread and bake off aaaaaall the goodies: apricot couronnes, challah, cookies, hot cross buns, scones, pastries, bread, etc, etc. Also, there’s gonna be flowers!

Check the Insta for deets. It’s gonna be a blast.

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      Yes! I’m so impressed you caught that! My daughter asked permission to let her girlfriend read the one chapter in which her girlfriend stars. Girlfriend (center) is crying and my daughter is laughing at her.

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