the quotidian (4.6.13)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
 everyday; ordinary; commonplace 

The students: walking up to The Big House to catch their ride to school.

Uniform scrubbing: an after-school chore.

Homework: basically, I’m still homeschooling the kids.

Draw an invention: she poured hours into this homework assignment and loved every minute of it.

Mango eating: there’s a method to it. 

Damages: so many of you expressed concern that I figured I owed you a photo. 
It’s healing very nicely. We’re pleased. 
(Heaves a huge sigh of relief.)

The neighbor kids built a riding contraption, whee! 

Our Easter: one child threw fits and wasn’t ready for church on time, so we split up.
I took Errant Child to (an extra long, ha!) mass in town while my husband took the Non Errant Children to a (normal length) mass in the city. There was egg painting, hiding, and finding in the late afternoon. Our Easter ham: two slices of bacon per person. We’re living high on the hog, boy howdy!

Watching and smiling: my sunny boy.

Flowers for my kitchen: I sent her out with a pair of scissors and this is what she brought me. 

Baked oatmeal: as rolled oats are hard to come by, 
I’ve taken to making my standard recipe with quick. 
Also, I’ve learned that a mashed-up, super-ripe banana gives cake-like heft to the oatmeal, 
and a sprinkling of panela (sticky raw sugar cane) right before baking 
lends a nice molasses-y flavor.  
coconuts: I made coconut milk by blending the meat with hot water and then straining it. 
The milk went into smoothies and the pulp into a batch of granola.
Neither, much to my disappointment, tasted very coconuty.

Rocking the clash: the girl’s got style.

Rest time on the porch. 

In the sunny guest room: ticket to ride
Get your ticket and you, too, could play this game!

In the pila: floating votive with toothpicks. Because why not.


  • Camille

    Great post of all the *everyday* that isn't so *everyday*. You will be glad you kept nurturing this blog aglong Jennifer Jo…the memories you are preserving are priceless. Oh, and I *love* that clashing outfit…it's great. 🙂

    Many Blessings to you!

  • Rachelle

    My husband and I have Ticket to Ride (I can't remember if I've brought this up before) and we love it. We got my parents to play it and THEY loved it. We got some friends from work to play the European version and they too loved it. It's a GREAT GAME, all caps, and I'm trying to get my in-laws to play it. We started with Tsuro though, a game with simpler rules, and hope to introduce Ticket to Ride at a future family gathering.

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