the quotidian (2.12.24)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Dark winter mornings and the blessed coffee corner.

Dried fresh cranberries have almost zero flavor. Why?

Strawberry ice cream with crunchy oat crumbles.

When cheese cheeses.

Stacking up.

Nature’s palatte.

Ice bath #1.

Ice bath #2.

About three steers in and I’ve finally stopped overcooking the steak.

The burgers, on the other hand….

18: I no longer have any minor children.

Welcome, Remus! (Our first night birth, which we missed, of course.)

Farm tag.

Me and Grace.

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  • KC

    Are the dried cranberries still flavorless after being rehydrated in something? My guess would be that the flavor/tang is locked up in the fiber when the berries are just halved or left whole, unless you soaked a dried cranberry to full rehydration and it still didn’t have any flavor, in which case something is getting lost in the process…

    The store-bought ones have both sugar and oil, each of which does a different flavor-transit job, if I understand things correctly, and the sugar keeps things plump and accessible instead of locked-down into a little plywood lump.

    Anyway! Good luck with your experimentation! If you need no-refined sugar but fruit sugars are fine, consider applesauce or mashed dates, perhaps?

    • Jennifer Jo

      Thanks for the tip for the cranberries! I need them to be unsweetened, but I never thought to boil them first.

      The steak photo is in horrible lighting — it’s actually a lot browner than it looks…

      Nope, I’ve never had a need for dried starter so I’ve never done it. Lots of people do, though!

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