the spiced onyx

I buy cider in bulk from a local orchard in the fall and then freeze it for Cider All Winter Long. I decided to do this a couple years ago (around the same time I decided to let loose and buy all the watermelon I wanted when it was in season), and it’s been one of my better life choices.

To freeze, I just pour out a cup or two from each gallon so there’s plenty of room for the cider to expand, and then stash the jugs in the freezer. It takes a day or two for the cider to thaw — and it must be completely thawed or else you get watery cider at the outset and then a bunch of sludge at the end — so I usually pull a jug mid week so it’s ready in time for our wild weekend revelry of sitting by the fire and eating popcorn.  

But this post isn’t about hoarding cider. It’s about something better: a cider cocktail. 

I invented this drink the other night and liked it so much that I made myself a second one. Then my husband tasted it. He doesn’t like alcohol so I expected him to shrug and walk away. Instead, he asked me to make him one and, when I kept forgetting (because I was deep in the middle of my wild weekend revelry of fireside sitting), he reminded me. Repeatedly. Eventually I got up off the couch and fixed him a cocktail and then he drank it all up super fast and smiled a lot. 

I made the cocktail again the next afternoon so I could take photos, and gave my daughter, who was on her way out the door for a run, a wee sip, and now she claims that sip caused her to have an above-average run.

After much deliberation (just ask my friends, family, and coworkers), I’ve decided to name this The Spiced Onyx — “spiced” for the rum and “Onyx” for the name of the orchard from whence the cider cometh. (My older daughter said it should be called “cider-whoo,” for the loopy buzz one might get from it.) 

The Spiced Onyx

1 cup fresh apple cider
1-2 ounces spiced rum
1 tablespoon dulce de leche
fresh rosemary, optional
apple slices, optional

Slightly soften the dulce in the microwave. Pour in a bit of the cider and whisk, shake, or blend until smooth. Add the rest of the cider and the rum, mix well, and pour into an ice-filled mason jar. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and sliced apples, if desired. Go curl up by the fire and read a book.

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