after two years

Guess who’s moving back home?

Well, not home home — she’s fallen in love with independent living — but, come January, she’ll be in the vicinity. Minutes away is a lot better than hours.

When she’d left home to work at Iron Horse Dressage, she’d planned to stay for just four months, but then she ended up staying for two years.

During that time, she’s gone from being a working student to also being an assistant trainer, working 10-hour days, six days a week. She’s been thrown and she’s fallen (I get a kick out of the security camera footage bloopers that she sends me), and she’s been stepped on and kicked. She’s ridden dozens of horses and taken countless lessons from trainers, and just the other week, she taught her first lesson. 

She’s sad to leave, she says, and she’s excited, too. She’s ready for a change.

I can’t wait to have her on our home turf again.

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