Hello, hello!

In case you haven’t already noticed, this blog is in the middle of undergoing a massive overhaul. After months of listening to me fuss about the new blogger format, and then coming to my rescue over every little thing, my brother finally convinced me to let him switch the whole thing from blogger over to wordpress. 

For a little bit there, it was touch and go.

One night, with the transfer in process and my blog in tatters (or at least inaccessible — is there a difference?) and the rest of the world falling down around my ears (a state of affairs which are, I’m afraid, becoming increasingly normal but some days I just can’t even), I had to pop an Advil PM just so I’d be able to sleep. 

And then my brother worked his magic and everything turned out hunkydory!

Or mostly so. There are glitches, still. Scrolling through, you’ll see line-spacing, font, and centering issues (just to name a few), all lingering evidence of the HTML contortions I had to put myself through to make my posts look uniform.

Now all that junk is visible.

photo credit: my older daughter

It pains my soul, it does.

But not enough to make myself go back through and painstakingly pick through each knot! My time is too valuable (or so I like to believe) and this blog too inconsequential. The content is still legible and that, I’ve decided, is good enough. Thank you, in advance, for being gracious and overlooking my computery ineptitude. (That said, if you do come upon a particular post that is twisted unbearably — especially the popular posts and the ones with recipes — tell me.) 

But now, for the good news: I love wordpress! I’m only just getting started, and I’ve got miles to go before I’m even a little bit competent, but — Holy cow, it is so easy!!! There are so many options! It makes sense! I have control! 

The other night, jittery with excitement from all the wonderfulness, I left my desk to stand in front of the sofa where my husband was deep in an episode of Game of Thrones. “It’s amazing,” I hissed. “Like, really, really amazing. It’s like—” I cast about, trying to find the words — “It’s like all those years with blogger I was chiseling my bog posts out of stone.” 

Sure, there will be glitches and headaches and unfixable problems — this is me working with a computer, remember — and I have a dozen years of blog posts that are in varying degrees of imperfectness, but so what. I’m imperfect, too, and heck if I’m going to let that stop me from trying to coax beauty and meaning from the daily grind of my flawed and oh-so ordinary life. 

To change! [clinks glass] To imperfections! [glass shatters] To life!


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  • Rika

    I missed your blog too! Haven’t received anything since Nov. 12 (Intro to how we homeschool). Withdrawal was setting in! So now that I’ve found you on the web, do I subscribe again to have your wit, wisdom, warmth and wonderful ways with food magically delivered to my inbox?

  • Wendy

    So I missed you and started googling, where did Jennifer go??? Was something wrong??? Found ya!!! Next time you change please put a sign on your old blog 🙂
    So now I have some catching up to do, so glad you did not vanish……….


  • The-Muse-In-The-Corner

    Oh! I’ve been reading your blog for many years, and I must say, I’m a fan of this new layout. Thank you for populating my small corner of the internet with inspiration and humor. Keep up the good work!

  • Carol S-B

    I’m very glad it’s easier for you to do (this crazy blogging thing).
    I so greatly appreciate each time I get to read another of your posts. Chiselled out of stone or not, hah.
    I love the photo accompanying “Now all that junk’s visible”. You crack me up, you do.
    The other day, when I went to your usual site (bookmarked) and it wasn’t there? Wah! Now, it took very little time for me to find your new place. But in the meantime, I was counselling myself: ‘now, Carol. Be grateful. She doesn’t owe you, or anyone, the site you’ve come to know and love..’
    And you don’t.
    But I’m so GLAD to see everything here! I enjoy your family so much. And I just love your recipes. you’re a bright spot in my day, and thank you for continuing to shine.

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