Savoring Saturday’s sun

Yesterday’s sun was just what the doctor ordered.

*laundry on the line
*blossoming mock orange
*tomato plants galore
*my workman (he takes off his hands and stuffs them in his back pocket when he’s not working)
*readying the chicken tractor, thanks to a surprise gift of 29 2-pound chickens from our neighboring chicken farmer
*playmates and MP3 player novelty (the kids are growing up!)
*looking skyward, lots of yellow, green, and blue
*extended porch-sitting time

Of course the whole garden didn’t get planted, but we made a valiant effort. I was so exhausted that I opted for bed over my much anticipated rhubarb-rosemary daiquiri. Imagine!

How did you savor Saturday’s sun? Or, if the atmosphere didn’t provide any (I’m so very sorry), make some for yourself?


  • Margo

    it was a wonderful day!! and I love your photos of yours.
    We bought and planted flowers, sheets on the line, baked cookies, bread, almost finished a half-circle skirt. . . hmmmm. and other pleasant things that don't immediately come to mind. it was great.

  • Cookie baker Lynn

    Hooray for sunshine! We're back into rain and clouds, but got a few days of sun that lifted the spirits tremendously.

  • dr perfection

    I worked outside all day planting flowers and herbs and sprayed to keep the deer away. Google say that deer won't eat basil after the first time but I'm not taking chances and put it in a pot up high. I put tomatoes on a side of the house not in their usual path.

    And I read The Lies Of Sarah Palin on my front porch while I munched on tortilla chips and drank Corona.

    I didn't have to go into the hospital. It was a gorgeous day and today is pretty too. Maybe the rapture did take place and I am in heaven.

  • Nicole

    The kids and I extended the orchard garden and hubby tilled; we planned the new chicken coop and got ready for company. Beautiful day while it lasted (it's now back to rain and chill) but I'm sure it will return. Really.

  • Crystal

    Wow, it would've been a perfect day for a wedding. We gardened, had an unexpected lunch with friends. We also butchered our rooster, which was also unplanned, but mostly a relief now that's it over. His feet were left on and every time I open the fridge I'm a bit unnverved. I'll feel better after he's in the pot. In case you're wondering what his offenses were that landed him there, he made it a point of attacking Matt's mom and I, he wouldn't stay in the fence and he was digging in the garden. May he rest in peace.

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