Through my daughter’s eyes

This is what my seven-year-old daughter sees when she looks at me.

Or at least it’s what she sees when I’m in a good mood because it’s a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon and I just finished planting the corn and am ready to start in on the beans and I’m feeling nice and benevolent which is illustrated by the fact that I let her hold the camera in the first place.

If I was grumpy, I wouldn’t be smiling, because I am not one of those mamas that smiles while grumpy. I totally got skipped when the DNA dude was handing out the hide-your-feelings gene.

Right before Sweetsie took the picture we had agreed that she could take one more picture. (She had already taken a picture of her sister sticking her tongue out at her [which, come to think of it, is probably a pretty accurate portrayal of what her sister looks like to her—tongue out, roll-y eyes, the works] and a picture of her papa leaning on a hoe.)

So she snapped that picture of me, but then she kept snapping, little bugger, and I had to move in to stop the clicking frenzy.

She immediately chopped off the top of my head.

And then she started giggling hysterically and badly blurred me.

Quick as a wink, she did it again.

And then I laid hands on the camera and rescued my image from further tainting.

I learned something though. I learned that my kids can take half decent pictures (when they’re not giggling) and that it’s kind of fun to see life on their level. I may have to try it again sometime.

But only when I’m in a good mood, of course.

This same time, years previous: chocolate-kissed chili, ranch dressing


  • Jennifer Jo

    Thank you, Dr. P. So sweet!

    Zoe and Kate—you two are on me like white on rice! My hair WAS back in a ponytail, but when she started snapping, I snatched it out real quick. I knew with my hair up I'd look like a pinhead from that low angle. (Vanity, geesh!)

  • Margo

    funny – of course a child would point UP to take a photo of an adult, and of course I am always pointing down to take a pic of my children. . . I need to change perspective sometimes! (and there is NO WAY I would let my children touch my camera at this point – kudos to you)

  • judy

    Yes you are momma–I think some of our best photo shots turn out best when we least expect it to come—so SMILE "YOUR ON CANDID CAMERA"

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