I’ve fallen hard and I don’t want to get up

It rained all week.

I went a little crazy.

Tomorrow will be sunny and I’ll work in the garden all day long.

(Except for when I won’t, of course.)

My goal is to get the entire thing planted.

I’m so good at setting realistic goals for myself. It’s one of my gifts.

But for now, for now I’m sunk deep into pinterest.

Yes, I took the plunge and I haven’t come up for air yet. I’m trusting the rush will fade, so I’m allowing myself to frisk about with wild abandon, and to all hours of the early morning, yes indeed.

It’s splendid fun (all questions can be answered here). I’d love for you to join me!

This same time, years previous: the boring blues (obviously, I didn’t have pinterest), fowl-ness (a butchering tale)


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