growing boy lunches

On this particular day, my younger son came home from work at noon because he had an early afternoon follow-up doctor appointment. This was what he fixed for himself to eat.

Sandwich Number One:

Sweet Lebanon Balogna with lettuce and tomato, mayo, and tons of mustard (always tons of mustard) on an oatmeal sandwich bread that I’d test-baked for the bakery.

Sandwich Number Two:

Leftover bacon cheeseburger from the night before, with garden stuff and condiments.

Sandwich Number Three:

A single piece of bread stuffed with balogna, ham, etc.

And then we went to his follow-up doctor appointment where we learned he weighed five-pounds less than he did the week prior and he’s now 6 foot 4.

This same time, years previous: the quotidian (8.31.20), at home, crunch week, the quotidian (8.31.15), the new bakery, walking the line, my mornings.


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