the quotidian (10.4.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

In process, a grape juice reduction (that just so happens to make a fabulous addition to milkshakes).

My son’s fiancĂ© made her family’s beloved celebration cake for my birthday.

Curd brains.

Quail pearls: fried, they make cute one-bite appetizers.

The comparison.

I can not get enough of this cobbler.

Stripes on stripes.

Every time I see her (or so it seems), my mom, the Thrift Store Queen, is wearing a new pair.

Faucet fixer.

Girlfriend’s got some whack eyeball-wiggling skills.

Top dog.

A peanut butter spoonsicle for quick, Ultimate energy.

Another step in the bedroom makeover.

Birthday hike.

Birthday supper at my parents’: excellent company, toasty toes, and the perfect after-dinner cup of coffee.

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