the quotidian (8.23.21)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

(A couple weeks ago) he asked if he could bring some friends over for supper.
(photo credit: my older son’s friend)

Fig and honey pie, honeypie!

Tidying my process: mixing milk and flavorings in the jars prior to adding the thinned-down starter.

To meet my give-me-all-the-veggies-now! craving.

Three bushels of nectarines. (Not pictured: two bushels of peaches.)

These days my smoothies are more like lassis.

Weekend cheesemaking to clear out space in the fridge.

Sunday morning waffles…

…and the friends who ate them.

My very first low country boil!

Friends treated us to a Dominican feast of mangĂș, saucy salami, fried cheese, yucca, and onions.

He passed!

Failed experiment: what with the high temps outside and hot oven inside, it did nothing.

Finally: the parched earth drinks.

Delivery to a new teacher on the first day of school.
(But my handwriting was so bad, she didn’t know who it was from, oops!)

My husband still holds the crown, but just barely.

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