my new kitchen: the computer corner

The final bits of the kitchen remodel have been trickling in. There are still a few more little projects waiting in the wings, but mostly it’s done. (Or as done as things get when you’re married to a carpenter who doesn’t always feel the same level of urgency as one might wish…)

For my little corner workspace, my husband said he had a gnarly piece of old chestnut out in the barn. One side was curved, which my husband thought was a strike against it, but I was like, “I love that crooked side! Let’s showcase it!”

And so he did.

I love the wood’s textures and flaws, how it’s already worn down and settled. It’s like finding that pair of jeans at a thrift store, a pair that’s already broken in and fits perfectly.

In the back corner of the desk, he drilled a hole through which to funnel all the cords and wires, and then, just a couple weeks ago, he added a narrower undershelf, made with a bit of knotty oak. Above the desk, he hung a kitchen cabinet which holds my office supplies, wine glasses, and extra dishes. I like that I can tape notes to myself on the inside of the doors, like a hideaway bulletin board.

He mounted the bluetooth speaker that the kids got for my birthday several years ago above the window — the sound wraps around the kitchen much better at that angle — and I hung twinkle lights by the coffee pot. (And speaking of the coffee station: I LOVE IT. It’s one of my favoritest spots in the whole entire kitchen.)

Yet to be found:
*a swivel bar stool with a back (something like this but from a thrift store, please)
*a small, cozy desk light that takes up next-to-no room, something like this, maybe, or this, or this attached to the bottom of the cupboard (would it even give enough light?)
*perhaps some art work or shelving for the walls, depending…

I’m still getting a feel for the space, deciding what I absolutely must have and what I can do without.

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  • Karren

    What a great space to gather your thoughts up into marvelous useful projects! We all need an efficient space like that. Kudos to your clever husband-and to you for appreciating the special qualities of that wood.

  • farm buddy

    Chestnut wood! That is REALLY special! I notice it has a grain kind of like red oak.
    Speaking of chestnut trees makes me think of Barbara Kingsolver's book, Prodigal Summer. Did you read that yet? It is another of my favorites, but not for reading aloud to your younger son. I am sure that you would really like it, and it has lots about chestnut trees!

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