the quotidian (7.15.19)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Awaiting their cargo: zucchini boats.

How the younger boy stacks it.

In place of the supper salad.

Lap dog.

Making deliveries.

Tallest girl has the smallest room.

Karate clown.
For the birthday girl: a popsicle stick ship, complete with a treasure chest filled with gold (anklets). 

Emotional wreckage!
Because her older brother 1) gave her airpods (!), then 2) said they were actually his 
but that he was letting her use them for two weeks, and then, finally 
3) said that her pair was coming in the mail in a couple days.

Aw, aren’t they sweet?

This same time, years previous: putting up walls, reflections from Orlando, in which a pit bull bites my butt, zucchini fritters, the quotidian (7.14.14), a tale, er, tail, in the woods: forts, ticks, and pancakes.

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