happy birthday, sweetie!

Good morning! It’s been an uncharacteristically long radio silence, eh? But hey, I’m back!

As you probably guessed, for the past number of weeks, I’ve been pouring myself into the production of Agnes of God. It’s an incredible play, hauntingly beautiful, complex and tightly written, and I loved my role. However, because of a series of unfortunate events stemming from managerial issues, it became increasingly clear to me that I needed to step down. On Friday, I made the excruciatingly difficult decision to withdraw from the show. I am heartbroken over the loss, of course. But I am also at peace with my decision.

Now I’m going about the business of settling back into regular life. I have so much to tell you (gorgeous hikes! fancy food! weird green beans! birthday cupcakes! lake swimming! DONUTS!), and I have so much to do: applesauce, writing and blogging, kitchen experiments, homeschooling the kids (weirdly enough, they are begging me to teach them math), etc.

But first up: Today my best friend — my lover, my foil, my tiger husband — celebrates a birthday (except we’re not fully celebrating today because it’s the kids’ choir night, but still…).

Happy birthday, you precious man, you. I love you to the moon and back.

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