the quotidian (8.21.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

A BLT, with C.

Brown rice and bean bowl.

A little here, a little there: it all adds up.

The tomato-based kitchen.

Salsa: more than fifty—FIFTY!—quarts.
Will someone feed us, please? Anyone? Anyone??

He wants to wire the clubhouse.

Searching for the ever-elusive outlet: a writing group tradition.
At a PA family gathering, the in-ground pool (with deep end!) made for some very happy Murchlings.

They loaded the car with food, lawnchairs, and a sawdust toilet and traveled to TN to see the eclipse.

Not wavy like I thought, but full-on curly! 

This same time, years previous: miracle cat, the quotidian (8.19.13), photo shoot, the quotidian (8.20.12), undecided, red raspberry ice cream, cold curried corn soup.


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