the quotidian (1.30.17)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

My new favorite salad base: power greens.

Now that’s a grilled cheese.
Piling up: the daily starter leftovers.

Another quadruple batch of this soup.

Just for kicks: hot pepper in the caramel.

I love breakfast.
Kitchen geometrics.

She passed!

Whupped: after a 12-hour EMT shift
(that included a grueling round of CPR)
sandwiched between two days of construction work,
and then the start of a cold.

Naughty girls, all three of them.

He wanted to be closer to us.

Attending a private show (!) of their new (!!) music: The Steel Wheels (!!!).

This same time, years previous: crispy pan pizzas, sour cream and berry baked oatmeal, about a picture, swimming in the sunshine, mornings, the quotidian (1.30.12), Gretchen’s green chili, shoofly cake, and Nana’s anise biscotti.


  • beckster

    I love these treasure hunt posts! I am a nurse, so yes, CPR is very hard work, and it often doesn't work, so when it does, it is a truly joyful moment! I hope he slept the sleep of the just! I am about to start my own culture of sourdough to make whole grain sourdough bread. Got any tips?

  • Lana

    An 18 minute round of CPR by an EMT saved my husband's life 5 weeks ago so many heartfelt thank yous for the CPR and I hope he is on the mend soon.

    • Jennifer Jo

      I'm so glad your husband is okay. That must've been horrible. (My son got word yesterday that the patient he was working on survived!!!)

    • Lana

      So good to hear that there was a good outcome!

      My husband was in a coma for 10 days and they told me he would never wake up. After 3 days they began to tell me that I needed to take him off life support. I stood my ground and kept saying no. He woke up on day 10. What if I had listened to them? He is about back to his old self but still tired. I thank God everyday for giving the best husband in the world back to me. I never knew how many people he had influenced and been kind to until he was on his deathbed.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Thin slivers of pickled red onion. Good on salads, pork tacos, in guacamole, etc. (They sell pickled ginger at all the international food stores in town, I think…)

    • Jennifer Jo

      The power greens are from Costco: a blend of spinach, chard, and kale. Makes such a sturdy salad.

      And yes, I pickled the onions. One part white vinegar to one part water and then a bit of sugar and salt thrown in for good measure. Some of the kids are actually big fans!

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