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Instead of the traditional made-to-order omelets at our family gathering in PA, my aunt made a bunch of egg casseroles for Sunday’s big brunch. One was bread based (this one) and the other wasn’t. When I asked about the difference, my aunt explained that the not bread-based one was more like an omelet, but in casserole form. Lots of meat, eggs, cheese, and veggies, straight-up.

Back home, I bought the ingredients I didn’t have, the cottage cheese and mushrooms (that I minced fine and my mushroom-hating husband never even knew they were there). The other stuff—the eggs, cheese, green peppers, and sausage—I already had on hand.

I assembled everything one Sunday afternoon and then baked it, along with a pan of hash browns and a batch of sky-high biscuits with homemade lard for a kick-your-butt-into-high-gear Monday morning breakfast.

My husband was like, “What has gotten into you?” and Melissa was like, “Can I have this on my birthday?”

Omeletty Egg Bake
Adapted from my aunt and she, in turn, got the recipe from All Recipes.

1 pound loose sausage
2 onions, chopped
2 sweet peppers (1 green and 1 red, if possible), chopped
½ pound mushrooms, sliced
½ pound monterey jack cheese, grated
4 tablespoons butter, melted
10 eggs, beaten
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon black pepper
2 cups cottage cheese

Brown the sausage. Caramelize the onions in a bit of bacon grease, or butter, and sprinkle with salt. Saute the peppers. Lightly saute the mushrooms in a little butter.

In a large bowl, combine the sausage, onions, peppers, mushroom, and monterey jack cheese and then transfer to a 9×13 pan. Drizzle the melted butter over top. Combine the eggs, salt, black pepper, and cottage cheese and pour over the meat.

Bake the casserole (or cover and refrigerate until ready to bake) at 325 degrees for 30-40 minutes or until the middle is set. Serve hot.

If there are leftovers, count your lucky stars.

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  • Janelle Myers-Benner

    Thanks for the Sunday brunch inspiration – I did all three recipes for our family this a.m. and they were all BIG HITS! I haven't yet learned to make cottage cheese so I used ricotta in the bake and it worked great. Also skins on the potatoes made them extra tasty. I will admit that I just could add more butter to the egg bake as our pork sausage leaves a nice layer of sizzling sausage grease on top of the casserole as is. The biscuits…no words!

  • Rebecca

    Yes! I much prefer the non-bread type of breakfast casserole. My recipe has shredded, cooked potatoes and dried tomatoes. The cottage cheese addition sounds good to me.

  • Mama Pea

    Mmmm, thanks for sharing this. It sounds great for a breakfast group around the table. I notice by my calendar that there is another Monday morning coming up shortly. Care to come here and whip up a pan?? ;o]

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