all practicality

My older daughter thinks it’s crazy that girls’ shorts are so short. Actually, it’s not so much the abbreviated length that bothers her but the subsequent lack of deep pockets. β€œThere’s hardly enough room to carry a cell phone!”

She hates the t-shirts, too. The material is so thin that an undershirt is always required.

“Why can’t girls clothes be like guys?” she’d fuss. “Their shorts are long, and the t-shirts are just plain t-shirts. Guys’ clothes make so much more sense.”

And then she learned that one of her girlfriends bought her athletic shorts from the men’s section, and it dawned on her: there was no reason she couldn’t buy her clothing from the men’s section, too!

“Mom, you gotta take me shopping!” she begged.

So off to Target we went, marching straight by the women’s clothing and going all the way to the back of the store where she delighted to discover entire racks filled with long, elastic-waisted, deep-pocketed shorts and plain t-shirts.

All practicality, that girl is.

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  • Unknown

    Twenty some years ago I was a wildland firefighter and women were not a common sight on the fire-line. Women's socks and underwear did not hold up to the kind of wear and tear that goes along with sliding down hills on your bottom and hiking all day (and sometimes all night) long. I happily wore men's socks and underwear, which cost less (no pink tax, as mentioned above), were way more practical and lasted so much longer. Your gal has some sense, obviously!

  • Miriam

    When I was your daughter's age, I could never find girl's/women's jeans long enough for my 36-inch inseam legs – until I went to men's jeans. No more high-water pants for me. I never had an hourglass shape, so the fit of men's jeans was better all around.

  • Brenda

    I'm sorry not trying to be a downer. The Bible says we are not to dress in men's clothing Dueteronomy 22:5. I understand about thin shirts and short shorts they are horrible. Agreed but please be careful.

  • Becky

    I have gotten my daughter to join me in wearing men's undershirts as go-to t-shirts, but she still wrinkles her nose at the idea of wearing men's jeans. She did swipe a pair of her dad's boxers though, just to see if she liked wearing them, which is absolutely something I did at her age, so I think there's hope.

  • Mama Pea

    I admit to not being terribly fashion-conscious but these days, who can tell most boys' clothes from girls' clothes anyway?? Kudos to your daughter for seeking out what she likes and what is serviceably (my own made-up word?) comfortable for this stage of her life.

  • Anonymous

    I taught my daughter this trick long ago for razors and clothing. Not only is men's stuff better quality it's cheaper than things made for women.

  • Anonymous

    Our girls (now 17 & 15) have been wearing boys' clothes for years. Shirts, shorts, jeans, sweatpants, socks and some years even swim suits – they like them all more than girls' clothes for both practicality and modesty reasons. Vicki

  • Lana

    My grandmother always wore men's underwear. She just liked them better. My Mom had to do some explaining when she helped her move into the nursing home many years ago! Maybe not tell your daughter that though. πŸ˜€

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