in the kitchen

I now have two batches of pesto torte squirreled away in the freezer. I thought I was doing pretty great by accomplishing such a delicious feat, but the rest of the family was like, “ONLY two tortes? That’s not nearly enough!”

Actually, the tortes weren’t as complicated or time consuming as I thought they’d be. I made the cream cheese-ricotta part the day ahead of time. The next morning, I set up an assembly line: two bowls in which to measure the basil pesto ingredients and two bowls for the dried tomato pesto. Then whir-whir-whir-whir, the pestos were made, and all that remained was the layering and freezing.

So why not go ahead and make two more? Hmm…..

* * * 

Silly me agreed to make sweet rolls for 250 people.

There’s a pastors’ convention in town this week and they needed volunteers for the coffee breaks, so I said sure, and how about I make sweet rolls from scratch to keep life interesting?

I’m making the buns small so I can get away with making less, but then I started feeling guilty for being such a cheapskate so now I’m making an extra hundred-plus rolls to assuage my conscience.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and there will be leftovers.

* * * 

My daughter requested, once again, a red velvet cake for her birthday.

I have yet to land on a good red velvet cake recipe. The one I made last time was too dry, and this one (from Ree Drummond’s cookbook), while wonderfully moist, was flavorless. Help, anyone?

* * * 

Birthday girl requested tostados for her lunch, “with refried beans out of a bag like in Guatemala.”

The kids were unanimous in their enthusiasm and have requested that we eat tostados on a regular basis. Sounds like a plan to me!

* * * 

My younger son has been hounding me to let him cook. After putting him off for a couple weeks and reducing him to tears (shame on me), I finally allowed him to make a cake.

He was beyond proud, and the cake was a smashing success.

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