the quotidian (10.6.14)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace


Fall = apples.

For a change of venue, they moved their game to the bathtub.
Her sense of style is a sight to behold.

The walk-up bookstore.
Making my list for town.

(I am not pulling my hair out. It just looks that way.)
Day’s end.

This same time, years previous: catching our breath, it’s for real, one foggy morning, maple sugar and cinnamon popcorn, when the parenting gets funrustic cornmeal soup with beet greens, playful shenanigans, a touchy subject, Edna Ruth Byler’s potato dough, and sweet rolls.


    • Jennifer Jo

      It's sometimes easier to throw everything on the floor so I can see exactly what I'm dealing with. That morning was one of those times. (Also, there were a lot of other papers/envelopes/cash laying on the floor just out of the picture.)

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