the quotidian (6.16.14)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Good morning!

Involving lots of butter: a tasty (but not perfected) ‘speriment.

Backwards gardening: emptying the patch so we can till up the weeds. 
(I only planted enough onions for fresh eating so it’s not that scandalous.)

Preventative measures: a heat wave is coming.
The milk from our neighbors came with a half gallon of cream. 

Sunshine and eggs.

Porchin’ it.
(Except “porchin” means smoking weed on the porch, so not really.)
Do I look this sour when I write?

Our vet-trained, non-vet neighbor is going to teach my daughter to do all the vaccines herself.

Well, hello there, gorgeous.

This same time, years previous: street food, this, too, shall pass, a glimpse, when I sat down, Kate’s enchiladasnaps and mowers, quirky, and old-fashioned vanilla ice cream.


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