the quotidian (11.25.13)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

In the making: potato soup.
Browning the ground beef and sausage for the ragu.
Chemistry, the Khan way.

A girl, a sling, and her doll.
Amusing note: my children are appalled at how Lucy (in I Love Lucy) takes care of her baby. 
When Lucy lays Little Ricky down, still whimpering, for the night and then walks out of the room,
turns out the light, and shuts the door, they all yell at the screen, “That’s not how you put a baby to bed!” 
And once, when Little Ricky cried in his crib and Lucy tried to soothe him by simply 
patting his back, my younger son bellowed in shocked indignation, “PICK HIM UP!” 
It’s interesting how the attachment practices that didn’t use 
to be the norm have somehow become their norm. 
Or maybe they are the natural norm and children just haven’t unlearned that yet?
My lunch: greens, roasted butternut, feta, sunflower seeds, and balsamic vinaigrette. 
I had two helpings.
The trampoline is back up and hard at work saving my sanity.

Our current resident bread baker.

Color pops: the post rest-time treat.


  • Anonymous

    I never planned to do attachment parenting, but my son decided we would. He's 19 months now, and we were at a friend's house recently when someone put their baby down for a nap in another room. The baby was fine with it, but my son was very worried & kept trying to get various adults to go open the door and get her, as clearly it couldn't be right for the baby to be left alone like that.

  • Rebecca

    Ha! My kids are the same re. film parenting. We were watching a BBC drama (Berkley Square) when my daughter reached over and squeezed my hand (like you would in a horror movie) during a scene where a crying baby was shut in a bedroom.

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