how to use up Thanksgiving leftovers in 10 easy steps

This time of year, there is always a barrage of articles and blog posts telling all us poor, clueless, overfed North Americans what to do with our Thanksgiving leftovers. The titles are generally pretty straightforward, such as How To Use Up Thanksgiving Leftovers, though every now and then someone has a burst of creative brilliance and adds an exclamation point and number a lá 37 Ways To Use Up Thanksgiving Leftovers!

And I’m left sitting there scratching my head because, Really? Thanksgiving leftovers are a PROBLEM? Whatever happened to just EATING them?

However, because everyone seems to think that a glut of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce pose unimaginable culinary hardships and I don’t, I’m going to assume that my hassle-free, shockingly simple method truly is unique and you all are dying to know about it.

Because we all know what assuming does. You and me, baby. You and me.

How to Use Up Thanksgiving Leftovers in 10 Easy Steps

1. Open the refrigerator.

2. Select what you want to eat. (If the options are overwhelming, just grab three things. Chances are, they’ll taste real good together.)

3. Spoon the desired portions onto a plate.

4. Put the plate in the microwave and zap until the food is hot.

5. Get a fork.

6. Put food on fork.

7. Put fork in mouth.

8. Remove fork from mouth.

9. Chew food.

10. Swallow.

Today’s snark brought to you by A. Lil Common Sense, 
with a nod to Nuttin Elsie II Rite O’bout, and Casey de Ornery Grumps.


  • Starr

    I don't even bother with the microwave sometimes. I just take out the tupperware and eat straight from the container.

    This year we're having Turducken down in Louisiana. I'm not sure there'll be leftovers!

  • Mama Pea

    Yup. Whenever I see the inevitable article on what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers, I immediately think, "Duh, how stupid can you be?!" (Well, . . . how stupid is there?)

    Give me the leftovers and I'll skip the original dinner!

  • beckster

    I understand that leftovers are no problem if you love turkey and you have a house full of people to help you eat them. However, some of us don't love turkey, so after a couple of meals, we look for ways to disguise it. We don't want to be wasteful, but we feel like we can't face that turkey again. I have a thing about the smell of leftover poultry. Call me weird, but I don't like it, at all. Besides, it is a lazy way for magazines to run articles during the holiday season!

  • Anonymous

    Love it!! You voiced my thoughts exactly. And I agree with (and enjoyed reading) every single one of the comments too. Those articles have always puzzled me – our family is sad every year when the leftovers are gone. Vicki

  • Tricia @ The Domestic Fringe

    When I saw your title in the feed, I thought maybe I'm doing something wrong, because we never have a problem with Thanksgiving leftovers. As I was clicking I was telling myself in my head that I better buy a bigger turkey this year. lol. Maybe it's just because we're accustomed to eating leftovers, but I don't even have to get creative with ours. We just eat em!

  • Becky

    Thank you! Yes, this is exactly how we've always "handled" leftovers. What's better then Thanksgiving dinner after slaving away all day in the kitchen? Thanksgiving leftovers the day after when your rested and can enjoy the fruits of your labor. 🙂

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