the quotidian (8.19.13)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Unidentified fruit: it tastes like slightly sweet, watery styrofoam.
I have made it three times in the last week. 
I think about it all the time. 
I eat it all the time. 
I’ve contemplated dedicating an entire blog post to 
expound upon its glory even though I’ve already done that
Seriously, people. 
This zucchini cake, with its 100 percent whole wheat, puddles of soft chocolate, 
and crunchy coconut cap, reigns supreme. 
You. Must. Make. It. Period. Exclamation Point.
Solution to an overly sunny hammock nest.
Selling something. 
(Psst! Hey kids! We live on a driveway, not a road!)
Waiting to go to church and listening to Farmer Boy.
Letting his freak flag fly: my Class-A Dork.

A chipped tooth (the star marks the spot): what happens when your friend 
shoots you in the face with a BB gun.
(Also, shark mouth. I am so ready to resume his orthodontia treatments.)
I made her let me play with her hair again.

A copper crown for Sunday morning.


  • Anonymous

    I want to let you know that you didn't include enough exclamation points after extolling the yumminess of your zuchinni bread recipe. I discovered your site many months back and have baked many loaves of bread. Several loaves are in the freezer and many more have been given away to friends or eaten while still warm in our own kitchen. Thanks to you I didn't get buried under a pile of zuchinni this summer!

    Lexi C.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Welcome to the zucchini bread fan club! It's a tasty place to be!


      (Is that better?) (wink)

  • Anonymous

    The unidentified fruit is a Lilli Pilli or Riberry (Syzygium luehmannii), which is an Australian rainforest native. It is a recognised "Bush Tucker" food used by the Australian Aborigines.
    It is edible and can be also be made into jam.

    • Jennifer Jo

      Hey! Thanks for enlightening us! (Based on the wateriness of the fruit, I'm assuming it doesn't have a lot of natural pectin and needs a good amount of the fake stuff. But now that I know what kind of fruit I'm dealing with, I suppose I can look that up myself…!)

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