the quotidian (5.27.13)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace


 Morning sun.
Fairy garden art.

View from the hammock.


 The rainy season has begun.
While I was making a cake in my kitchen, I got rained on.
(Instead of, “Someone left the cake out in the rain…” it’s “Someone made a ca-ake in the rain.”)


  A homemade gift from our landlord: guayava galette with butter crust, swoon!

Fresh honey in an old whiskey bottle.
One of our taxi drivers raises bees and recently harvested an enormous quantity of honey.
I think it tastes a little off (rotten?) but the kids love it.


Cake delivery: upon request, I made a birthday cake for one of the teachers.


 A Saturday afternoon experiment: beaver tails
 (I like donuts better.)
Kids climbing in my kitchen window to see what I’m cooking.
(The aforementioned beaver tails. It was very exciting.)


 End of workday crash.


The cake that I had no self control against, and that I got rained on while making. 
Chocolate icing between two layers of dark chocolate cake with vanilla icing 
and a heavy shower of sprinkles.


  • Carol S-B

    I don't think that I can take it
    'Cause it took so long to bake it
    and I'll never have that recipe agaaaain
    (oh, Jennifer Jo, why you do these things? :))
    Heavy shower of sprinkles. Hah!

  • Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig

    I was going to comment almost verbatim what Margo May said… My father in laws wife's father (ha!) kept bees and had honey in his garage from 40 years ago…still perfectly delicious and edible. I think it's what the pollen was gathered from that gives it its taste…ie clover honey, orange blossom honey, etc. And that view from the hammock? Amazing.

  • Margo

    actually, honey never goes bad! Only food in the world that can't spoil. But I've tasted honey from Africa before and I found the flavor off-putting (although my kids adored it – ha – just like yours). I bet it just depends on what the bees gathered and what containers the honey lived in before it got to you. . . whiskey bottle, indeed!

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