down to the river to play

Last Sunday we met up with some friends for lunch in the park. Our friends said, in an off-handed sort of way, that the park had a stream with some waterfalls and the kids could bring their swimming suits if they wanted to get wet. I was expecting a trickle of dirty water and a few rocks. When I rounded a corner in the dirt path, I was not at all prepared to see a semi-natural waterpark.

While the adults visited, the children played in the spring fed—i.e. icy—water. For lunch we feasted on tuna salad, chili, braided bread, muffins, cookies, and cucumber-tomato salad. After a bit I wandered down to the water with my camera.

The admission price is low while still being high enough to keep out the lollygaggers (about six dollars for our whole family). The park is within walking distance of our church and very close to where we were living when we first arrived here. Now I’m left to wonder what other gems are lurking just outside my awareness zone.


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