church of the Sunday sofa

One of my girlfriends has been faithfully collecting and sending our church’s CDs, but we’ve never gotten around to listening to them…until today.

I had thought the children might groan and moan about having to sit through a church service at home, but to the contrary. They were thrilled.


“I don’t have to get dressed up!”
“In English!”
“We can stay home!”

I handed out helados (this time, frozen smoothies in little cups with sticks stuck in them for holding), poured myself a cup of decaf, and we gathered around the computer with blankets and pillows.

The kids leaned in close, trying to figure out who was leading music, reading scripture, saying the prayer. (Actually, they argued quite loudly over these things. There was much loud shushing.) They sang along with the music. There was a little hand clapping. When the leader asked the congregation for a show of hands affirming a new person for one of the job positions, all six of our hands waved vigorously. And when our dear pastor started talking, the children shouted, “That’s Jennifer!” All the familiar, sweet voices were like a hug.

We started out sitting up, but as the service wore on, some in our gathering tipped over sideways.

I sat at a little table and messed around with some watercolors (a gift from a sweet reader), and before long, a couple children joined me in splashing the browns, reds, and blues onto little squares of thick, white paper.

And, because no (CMC) church service would be complete without them, there were Harry Candies for sucking on.

Every Sunday, Harry, an older gentlemen and fellow sitter-up-front-er, slips pink mints to my children. It’s as much a part of their church service experience as the offering and children’s story. So a couple weeks ago when we received a package from Harry, we all guessed what it was right away: a whole container of pink mints, but of course.

When it came time to rise for the benediction, some of the kids popped reflexively to their feet. And thus concluded our visit to the Church of the Sunday Sofa.


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