the quotidian (10.8.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Summer feet.

“It’s like an angel smeared across the sky.”
-one of the girls
The ears! Oh, the ears!
I have yet to get a good picture of them streaming straight back
—she moves entirely too fast—
but I’ll catch her yet, I will.

Our friends got a puppy! 

A crown of woven grass. 


Sleeping beauty? 

All dressed up and ready to make believe. 

Fighting the fleas. We are winning.

A cricket condo: they wake her up in the morning. 

I was tired and stressed, so the boy took over the bedtime reading.
(Another example of the children being Little Jennifer Ambassadors.) 

On the way over the mountain to yet another doctor appointment.
My son has finally started his much-needed dental treatment:
First, an expander. 
Second, an extraction or two.
Third, upper braces. 
Fourth, a surgery to chain a non-emerged, wayward tooth to the braces. 
Fifth and beyond, lots of stuff that has yet to be specified. 

Working on his first manuscript. 
He started this the day after I had just come to the conclusion that
none of my children will be writers.
Which was a relief because it’s a bit unnerving to think
that one day my kids might write about me. Eek!
But then he started this story
and it’s all about a boy fighting with his father. 
So never mind. 

Margo and family came to visit!!! 
She brought me gifts of good literature, home-canned pimentos, and dark chocolate. 
In turn, I gave her a tour of all the cluttered spots in my house. 
My older daughter followed us around with the camera like some incompetent paparazzi. 
In this unfortunate photo, she captured me demonstrating 
the importance of a well-defined double chin. 
Clearly, Margo is not buying it. 

Evening sky.

This same time, years previous: when the parenting gets fun, holding the baby, a touchy subject (to spank or not to spank), my new baby, pear butterscotch pie


  • Kirsten

    I would not have noticed your double chin had you not pointed it out. Honestly.

    My double chin is the one part of my anatomy I find hard to accept.

  • Starr

    No one is allowed to take my photo without me sticking my head out from my neck to avoid doubly/tripply chinnage.

    Glad to hear the flea was has been successful.

    • Suburban Correspondent

      No, no – the trick is to always have the picture taken with you turning your head to look over your shoulder!

  • the domestic fringe

    "In this unfortunate photo, she captured me demonstrating
    the importance of a well-defined double chin.
    Clearly, Margo is not buying it." ~This just cracked me up. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I can identify with it.

    Your puppy is the cutest little thing ever.

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