the quotidian (9.24.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

I discovered this picture on my camera, courtesy of one of the kids. 
It spoke to me.

Awaiting the arrival of a girlfriend.

Hanging out in the grape arbor.
(A no-longer permissible activity as they were damaging the vines.)

Apple pie: every September should have one. Or six. 


Soaking up every minute of a visit from The Greats.

Helping Grandma stuff envelopes for a mailing.

Trying to close a closet door with his toes. 
Back story: I showed the kids some videos of Tisha UnArmed 
Immediately afterwards, I told the kids to blitz the house. 
However, thanks to Tisha, they insisted on doing all the chores with their feet: 
dusting, sweeping (didn’t go over so well), putting things away, folding blankets.
The house didn’t get very clean, but they had a blast.
 (Thanks, Kate!)

Studying the algebra. 
Actually, in this case, it’s more a lesson in the importance of being neat 
than of numerical computations.

Apples, popcorn, and Sunday night movie: a tradition.
(It’s quite the letdown when the Netflix movie doesn’t work, though.)

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  • Karen Sue

    We used to always do homemade pizza on Sunday nights. We get away from it in the summer, but thinking it's time to start it up again. Maybe followed by popcorn and apples and a movie!

  • Anonymous

    Loved your "awaiting the arrival of a girlfriend" picture. You truly have a wait of setting a mood! Looks absolutely lovely!

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