the quotidian (9.17.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace 

Painted piggies.

Chilly mornings: this little guy got to light the first fire.

Picked without permission, but so pretty I couldn’t bring myself to care.

My newest (and cutest) student: so far, she’s learned her name 
and the commands for sit, stay, and down
Next, to teach her not to jump up (my biggest doggie-related pet peeve).

The perfect bar for whenever I need something sweet, and fast.
Lately, I’ve been making these with alarming frequency.

Supper, foraged.

Proof that we are completely uncivilized.
(Yes, that’s the dogs’ water bucket.)

How he’s supposed to do it.
(The little sinker.)

Playing hard: at our annual church retreat.

Retreating, of a Sunday morning: crisp and bright, fresh donuts, friends.

When it’s over: heading home to recuperate.
(Backstory: how the bumper got its hole.)

The look I get when my husband realizes that he’s doing all the work 
while I’m standing around snapping pictures.

Of her own volition: I now have a clean fridge!

Summer evenings: after supper, I dole out ice cream cones
and we head out to the porch to lollygag … and wrestle.
 Always, to wrestle.

Golden, my evening writing time: sequestered in my room.

This same time, years previous: goodbye summer, hello fall, a new day dawningGreek pasta salad


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