It’s May 31. Tomorrow night, June 1, the play opens.

my “nephew” and “niece”

What a whirlwind month it’s been!

time warp! 

I have learned so incredibly much that I still have trouble finding the words to describe it all. One thing I do know: the green room (ours, at least) is actually green. I was clearly not paying attention when I told you it wasn’t green.

green, green, green

Tonight is an “invited dress.” (Ooo, look at me do the theater lingo!) This means that the show’s sponsors get bunches of tickets to hand out to their friends and family and then they all get together in one of the studio rooms for a private reception before watching the show. The director said it could be a full house. I’m ready to start performing for someone other than the directors, managers, and crew.  (Is it bad luck to admit that I think we’re ready? I hope I didn’t just jinx the play.)

Last night we added make-up to our get-ready routine. (We had already added hair—which keeps getting tweaked—and clothing.) I get to have eyebrows! (I’m much less excited about flaunting my super-high forehead to the masses.)

I tried to sleep in this morning (my parents have the younger two children, which has been A Saving Grace, so it was actually feasible), but the neighbor decided to bang in some fence posts at 7:15. I don’t think he was aware that he was pounding them straight through my head.

After lunch, I tried again to get some sleep. I had just drifted off when the neighbor decided a few more fence posts were in order, youhavegottobekiddingme. I abandoned the sleep idea and turned to chocolate, caffeine, and Ibuprofen, instead.

Though it just occurred to me, I’m in bed for much of the second act. Maybe I’ll doze off between nightmares. (Yeah, right.)

PS. Blood and burn pix coming soon!

PPS. For showtimes and ticket information, click the picture on the sidebar.

This same time, years previous: down to the river to chill, barbecued pork ribs, fresh strawberry cream pie


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