the quotidian (3.26.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

dirt on my doorstep: ’tis the season

a new game: what you don’t see—the two siblings who are hurling black walnuts at his head

Mise en place for spicy Indian potatoes, my contribution for a fundraiser that, because it was my fourth year to cook for it, I got to attend for free. Talk about amazing ethnic food! 
I’m still dreaming about the posole.

rest time results: marker socks (they’re all the rage, didn’t you know?)

eighty pounds of frozen vegetables: 50 peas, 20 cauliflower, and 10 carrots

Our newest family member: a congratulatory, you-have-your-own-newspaper-column! 
gift from a reader (oh my word WOW). We are all completely smitten.
(Today the grill face-planted on the deck, thanks to some boisterous breezes. We got it back on its feet right quick, and my son tied it to the deck railing with bailing twine to keep it there. The grill seems perfectly fine, though the deck is bunged up a little.)

the inaugural meal
(the next night we had hamburgers, broccoli, and ice cream cones)

post-supper relaxation: a grill, a deck, warm weather…I couldn’t ask for more
swinging off the Edy’s ice cream sugar rush
This same time, years previous: smoky fried chickpeasbrandied-bacony roast chicken


  • Anonymous

    ok, so i just now got caught up and saw you ordered 80 pounds of frozen veggies from martin's. was there some veggie deal i missed?!

  • Sarah

    I second what Jules said! Out in Oregon we still have the fire going. It hardly ever snows here and we ended up with a snow day just before spring break. Not that I'm complaining about an extra day off. I'm looking forward to shorts weather. We are planning a trip east in August and would love to see you guys when we come out. The kids will have so much fun together.

  • Jules

    Ive been reading for awhile, but finally just have to comment! The black walnut 'game' gave both my husband and I a good laugh. I can relate to that one – but with dirt clods and gravel instead! And I can't believe you all are in shorts! Out in Oregon we are huddled in sweats with warm fires while the rain (or snow!) falls!

    • Jennifer Jo

      Hi Jules! Yes, it's been quite warm here—sometimes upwards of 85 degrees! (Though the last two nights we've had a fire again…)

    • Jennifer Jo

      We had an old beat-up one that got the job done but was a headache to use. This baby is sleek, sturdy, and so simple to handle. Now I have to learn a whole new kind of cooking.

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