To sip and refresh

In spite of all my cocky talk about embracing the heat and yadda yadda yadda, the truth is, I’m slowly dying a thousand deaths, in the form of melting.

In fact, this is not really me writing this because I am just one big puddle on the floor. The kids slip on me every time they walk into the kitchen.

I keep reminding myself that this was the norm when we lived in Managua. We were sticky sweaty all the time. Even sleeping was painful. And I was 9-months pregnant to boot. (Well, not for the whole three years. Just, you know, one month. BUT IT FELT LIKE YEARS.)

But it’s really hard—nay, nearly impossible—to stay in the right frame of mind for three consecutive minutes, let alone hours, when the heat just won’t let up.

So I forgave myself the error of my moping ways and made more popsicles and a crunchy-yummy salad.

I got a cold bath in the middle of the morning. And I read about steamed puddings while I soaked. (Why is it that I’m attracted to foods that require excessive steaming and baking when we’re in the middle of a heat wave? It’s entirely unreasonable.)

And then I fixed yet another half gallon of cucumber lemon water because it is my new best friend and I love it to pieces.

Or droplets.
Or swallows.

To make a new best friend for yourself (don’t you wish relationships were so simple?), slice a smallish cucumber and half a lemon into the bottom of a large jar, top it off with water, and let it soak for a couple hours before pouring it into ice-filled glasses.

It’s unbelievably refreshing! It tastes of cucumbers—the crisp green crunchiness of them—and the faint tart-pucker of sweet lemons. And whether or not you knew it before, those are the exact flavors you crave in hot weather.

And one more thing: it is going to feel soooo good when this hot weather breaks. So go sip your cucumber lemon water and think on that and all your problems will slowly melt away.

So says the puddle on the floor that is me.

Cucumber Lemon Water

Adapted from Zoe’s blog Whole Eats & Whole Treats

1 5-inch(-ish) cucumber, washed, unpeeled, and thinly sliced
½ lemon, thinly sliced
2 quarts cold water

Put everything in a large pitcher and let sit for two hours before pouring into ice-filled glasses.

You can get a couple uses out of the cucumbers and lemons (though I’ve only refilled the jar once, myself): simply refill the jar with water and soak for a couple more hours before serving.


  • Amber

    There's a puddle on my kitchen floor too. But at least we can sleep in a slightly air conditioned bedroom. If the thing is going to sit in my attic, it's going to be put in my bedroom window during this unbearable time.

  • Mama Pea

    I recognized the cook book you pictured in this post immediately! I LUUUUV that book! :o}

    Can't wait to make the Cucumber Lemon Water. But WILL have to wait . . . for some cucumbers to ripen!

  • Margo

    ah – that's why you don't have AC. I admire you. But today I decided that I was losing my mind. I'm going to sleep in air conditioning tonight if I have to drive there. It's the lack of the break that kills me. I don't know how you did it for three years – and did you have anything cold, like a freezer?

    I made cucumber mint water yesterday and meh, I don't love it. I want to love it. I think nothing is working right because of the heat.

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