Aaaand … down again

As soon as I wrote yesterday’s post, I got sick. Actually, it was a little later, like at 11:38 in the morning. I felt a tad bit achy and tired, but hoping it was just my lazy bones acting up, I decided to do a workout anyway. About ten minutes into it, I quit. I ached all over. I laid down on the sofa and stayed there for the rest of the day.

And after writing about how I prefer that my kids get sick instead of me, too. How ironic.

The munchkins did a great job of caring for me. I put Yo-Yo in charge of frying up the leftover baked potatoes for lunch, and there were only three minor mishaps: a potato caught fire, Yo-Yo sliced his finger, and Miss Beccaboo poured boiling water over her hand. I didn’t even get up off the couch.

This morning I’m a little better, though still sore and woozy. I’m sipping tea and popping pills and hugging my water bottle (the best invention EVER). I have visions of cooking and am typing these words, so I must be on the mend, right?

Some other reads (since I’m not that much fun to hang with today):
*kale carbonara, a little healthier version of the stuff I love
*a glass of sprite, about teaching kids self-reliance
*the tiger mom (you’ve heard about her, yes?)
*what I’m hungry for
*inspiration: take someone a meal
*I just checked and you can now read my Home Education article online!


  • Mavis

    Ahhh… sipping tea & pill popping… my favorite pastime 🙂

    I'm kidding … you know that right?

    I read about the Tiger Mom on the Freaks site… I really liked the article… it made me feel good about myself actually… I always thought I was tough when it came to school work… but apparently I'm a pussy cat.

    Feel better soon… if you want to feel better that is… personally I like being sick… all the more reason to stay in my pj's

  • The Renwicks

    Argh – really hope you feel better soon> We're all unwell here too at the moment. I think its the trouble with kids and school and winter, the germs just come home with them – if they dont get it, you do! x

  • Mama Pea

    Excellent home education article. Write more, write more, write more.

    Hope you're feeling better as the day goes on. Sounds as if you have some capable (if you discount injuries) children to take over for you though. So don't push yourself to get up and goin' before you're ready. 'Kay?

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