Grumble, grumble

part one: bah humbug
Lately, I’ve been dragging. I know it’s practically a sin to say it, but—get ready—I’m bored.

There’s nothing new under the sun! No snow, no warm weather, no rain! No games, no books, no movies! No projects, no plans, no ponderations!

It’s just me and the kids, a bunch of sore throats and snotty noses, a constant feeling of tiredness (I’m not one of the ones with a snotty nose, either), a wicked case of un-motivation (because what is there to be motivated for?). The same floors to vacuum, the same belly dance workout moves, the same mouths to feed, the same blog to write on, the same disputes to settle, the same, same, same.

I think I might hate winter.

I think I might be whining.

I think whining is unattractive and boring, so I’ll stop now.

The End.

P.S. Maybe I’m going through chocolate cream pie withdrawal?

part two: lemonade

I need a kick in the pants. I need inspiration. I need some chutzpah, some pizazz, some of that old-fashioned pull-myself-up-by-my-bootstraps umph.

I always tell my kids that boredom is okay. It breeds ideas and creativity and energy.

Ground needs to lie fallow. People do, too, I guess.

I hate lying fallow. It’s boring. (Oops, I’m complaining again.)

But I bet something good will come of this.

Stay tuned. Expect great things. (Don’t ask me what.)

NOW, The End. For reals.

(part three: the little piggy
Don’t worry about me. I’m really quite fine. I just needed to wallow a little.)


  • Jennifer Jo

    Thy Hand and Margo, You're on to something.

    Nicole, a dill pickle day. I like that.

    Spiderjohn, Good point.

    Marie M., I've checked my thyroid levels already. They're fine.

  • Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig

    I feel the same as you about kids and non-serious illnesses…I thought PW was crazy! I feel like a real mom when I'm able to nurse my kids back to health…plus they're so sweet and harmless when they're sick.

  • Marie M.

    So how was "The Malcontent"? Sounds like a description of your winter blues, too. Maybe? Here's what I'm doing to combat those "whatever" "who cares" "I'd rather not get out of bed" feelings. I'm doing Christmas crafts. Yep. I'm pulling out the glue gun and picking up lots of pine needles and twigs and tree bark to make a natural gingerbread house. I never have enough time to do the crafts I envision in my mind (and seen Martha do) — so it's Christmas Crafts in January! February, I think I'll start with the Fourth of July — oops, I forgot Valentines Day!

    p.s. Please check your thyroid levels. I went eight terrible years eternally complaining of being tired. It was low thyroid levels.

  • Spiderjohn

    Do some volunteer work. Maybe for a Hospice organization or Homeless shelter. If you don't have the time for that, take 10,000IU of vitamin D dailey. It has helped my SAD.

  • Margo

    sounds like winter blues. like you should go away for the weekend to a hotel that has an indoor swimming pool and chocolate pie.

    we're going to be socializing a lot in the next month to perk ourselves up. i do love me a good par-tay.

    and just the other day, i had the stray thought that i hate my blog. ha. today i like it just fine. what the heck.

  • Amanda

    I'm so glad to hear that someone else said this for me. I took the children for a walk in the woods yesterday and I was thinking, no snow, nothing green and certainly nothing moving outside…nothing worthy of taking a picture of. The funny thing was I called a meeting to my homeschool mama friends to have a brunch and bring the kids over this thursday…a day full of sausage casserol, french toast casserole and lots of coffee.

    and then…

    the weather this morning is calling for snow on Thursday.

    Thats what I get.

  • Nicole

    At our house we call these "dill pickle days" (from the book "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn"). We all have those days – especially in January!

  • You Can Call Me Jane

    It sounds like you need to plan a party or a get together. You know, something to plan for and look forward to. A reason to sweep those floors. Not something over the top, but something different. I've been doing a little of this lately and it really helps with the winter blahs.

  • Mama Pea

    Hey, that's what we're all here for! Get it all out, you're bound to feel better. What did we do before blogging? Call a friend/mother/wrong number and complain in their ears? Today with so many people having caller identification, we might not have any luck of anyone picking up to listen to us. So an occasional blog letting the bah-humbugs fly is fine in my book.

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