I’m out of practice. Just two days without writing and I feel all creaky rusty.

It takes a lot to keep me in working condition. I think I’m what you’d call A High-Maintenance Person.

In times like these, photos come in handy, prompting me with something to talk about. So—

HEY! I just got an idea! I was going to say that I’d post the pictures and then write about them (whoa—how original is that!), but then I got me an ay-dear. I’m going to post the pictures and let YOU write about them (choose just one or write about them all). Then I’ll do another post (such organization! such planning!) with the same pictures and the best, most creative, most interesting captions. (In this case, truth holds not a drop of water. Live wild!) I’ll eventually tell you what the pictures are really about. Or not. We’ll see.

What say you? Does it sound like a plan?

Okay then. Here goes!

Picture Number One:

Picture Number Two:

Picture Number Three:

Picture Number Four:

Picture Number Five:

Picture Number Six:

Picture Number Seven:

Picture Number Eight:

Picture Number Nine:

Picture Number Ten:

This same time, years previous: kiddisms, getting in fixes


  • Kris

    P.S. Re: paragraph two above? Definitely, yes. 🙂

    P.P.S. Re: photo #7 — did the first starts not make it or are you taking plant reproduction into your own hands?

  • Kris

    #9 — Six minus one.

    (The first bag didn't make it past Mr. H's lunchtime at the Frankferd Farms buying group pickup spot. Didn't he 'fess up?)

  • Mavis

    #1 I've decided the only way I'm ever going to get a real vacation is to start an in house bakery and sell my loaves to the neighbors…

    #2 I keep telling the kids… "Would ya stop plucking the darn chickens feathers and writing with their poo… it's not normal" but they never listen…

    #3 Let's play the guess what's for dessert game… Anyone? Anyone?

    #4 Holy Crap I'm getting old… I have to squint and look thru 2 lenses just to see anything…

    #5 I hate working here at Panera… one of these days I'm going to spit in someones bread bowl and serve it to them with a smile…

    #6 Sadly the well has run dry… Mr. Handsome can no longer bear children…

    #7 I hate house plants… sorry

    #8 Living with these people is not easy… sometimes I have to take a little swig just to make it to lunch…

    #9 Honey… we won the lottery… guess what I bought????

    #10 "Hey kids…you've seen the movie Sweeney Todd right? Well if you don't go up stairs and get those rooms clean RIGHT NOW… it's meat pies for dinner tonight!

  • Zoë

    number five: You ate so many French baguettes last week that you can't stand the thought of shoving one more tiny morsel of carbalicious goodness into your mouth. Instead, you stand there and make sculptures with it.

    number six: Come on Mr. H. I'm pretty sure you know how to fix that little drip.

    number nine: You thought maybe you'd stash the chips on the floor to fatten up the mice so they don't scurry so fast through the walls at night.

  • Mama Pea

    #1 – I just knew I shouldn't have answered the phone!

    #3 – This ISN'T the hole to lubricate my Cuisinart?

    #5 – Okay, which one of you kids didn't eat your crust?

    #8 – No talking during Mommy's break time!

    #10 – I know this isn't the way Mommy makes grilled cheese but it's the way I do it.

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