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I’m too addled to think coherently long enough to write a blog post.

(A one-hour later update: The first line was supposed to read, I’m too addled to think long enough to write a coherent blog post. See? What did I tell you? I rest my case.)

Then why, you ask, are you here?

Because I wanna be. Stuff it.

It’s probably not a good omen to go on and on about an event that hasn’t even happened yet, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll rattle off about everything else that flits through my head. Thinking about other things should help me relax, right?



We’ve been doing a lot of sorting of closest and clothes.

Piles got obliterated, packaged up, or reorganized, depending.

Bedrooms have been rearranged. Shoe shelves built. Clothes ironed.

More closets await overhaulage. Bookshelves must materialize ASAP.

News flash: There is NO END to projects such as these. Nothing is EVER done. BRINGING ORDER OUT OF CHAOS IS A LOSING BATTLE.

My rational brain has made peace with the fact that I will forever be in this constant state of war.

My emotive brain has not.


I made a turkey dinner last night.

There was a roast turkey (of course), stuffing, gravy, corn, the cabbage slaw (recipe to follow and then be made pronto because you will LOVE it), butternut squash gratin (we, it turns out, prefer our unadorned version), and cranberry relish. My kids were shocked that there was no dessert.

I was shocked they had the nerve to point that out.

The ungrateful wretches.

(Not true, really. They were thrilled—thrilled—with the turkey. I think the Baby Nickel ate half the bird.)


One Sunday a couple weeks ago, a miracle happened:we were ready for church ahead of time. So I ordered everyone outside and made them stand there, shivering, while I took some pictures.

Not a one of them turned out picture perfect (i.e. everyone looking at the camera and smiling beatifically).

Which leads me to conclude that we’re not a picture perfect family.


Then I hopped in the car (we were getting dangerously close to the EVERYBODY GET IN THE CAR RIGHT THIS MINUTE-WE ARE LATE-HURRY HURRY HURRY moment) with my camera in hand and snapped pictures the whole drive in. This is what we see when we drive to church on Sunday mornings. (The hot air balloon was a bonus.)

While I, black box pressed to my eyeball, enjoyed the frosty morning, the kids bickered and yowled and Mr. Handsome hissed at me to please put the camera down NOW and Attend, Bob! Attend! (name that movie). I, however, blithely turned a deaf ear and clicked steadfastly on. In this here bat house/car, one must fight tooth and nail to cultivate any artistic yearnings.


I am (slo-o-o-wly) turning my attention to the upcoming festivities.

Today, Mr. Handsome is (hopefully) procuring some white lights, snow flurries are in the forecast, I assessed the votive situation (deplorable), and then, before lunch, I plopped down by the fire to make a to-bake list of cookies.

Heading up the list were butter cookies and gingerbread men, cranberry-orange biscotti and raisin-filled cookies. A smattering of new-to-me recipes followed, recipes that involved anise, lemon, dates, and figs.

Soon, next week, I shall commence to don an apron and brandish a set of beaters. Life should be very sweet indeed.


But now. That cabbage salad I told you about.

It’s really just an alteration of the two cabbage salads that I already have on this blog, but seeing as it’s so blessedly swoony, it deserves its own little spot in bloggyland.

Mom’s New and Improved Cabbage Salad

½ large head of green cabbage (Chinese would work well, too), finely chopped
2 yellow/golden/green apples, unpeeled, cored, and chopped
1 ½ cup white cheddar cheese
3/4 cup buttered pecans
1 recipe olive oil-sour cream dressing

Toss the apples and cabbage with the dressing. (At this point, the salad can be stored in the fridge for several hours, maybe even a day or two.)

Immediately before serving, stir in the cheese and sprinkle with the pecans.

This same time, years previous: Beef Bourguignon and Potatoes in Cream with Gruyere


  • Jennifer Jo

    Margo, Serve the salad with anything—chicken, as a side to a soup, whatever. It adds great yum factor to ANY meal.

    Michelle, Sorry, not What About Bob (just hearing the title of the movie brings back memories of my college psych class)—it's The Incredibles.

    MAVIS! It's so good to have you back!

    #1. I like to sit.
    #2. I knew you'd notice that!
    #3. No comment.
    #4. I did.
    #5. Grain silos. I think.

  • Mavis

    I have a few questions/observations.

    #1 What's up with all the couches? You have one in your bedroom too?

    #2 Be sure and tell the elephant on the white book case Happy Birthday…

    #3 @ Dr. Perfection… I don't know… I get tired of looking at picture perfect family photos… sometimes when you see a picture of a family all dressed up with their perfect grins it's like… WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

    #4 Tell Mr Handsome he looks very distinguished with his flecks of gray hair on the sides.

    #5 What are those gray tower like things? Corn silos, water towers? I'm curious.

  • Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig

    What About Bob…

    And your home looks so lovely, warm and inviting! I know what you mean about the organizational aspect of keeping a home…it never.ends.ever! I find myself taking a bag or two to the thrift store at least once a month these days…which is good as it means I'm not hoarding!

    Your turkey dinner looks delish…I made one last week as well..and tonight we'll have turkey soup with herbed dumplings to prove it!

    ps…your family is beautiful…imperfections and all. I didn't even attempt a family photo this year…I usually try it on Thanksgiving when we're all clean and dressed relatively well! 😉

  • Margo

    I will make that salad, yes ma'am. But it's got all the food groups covered -what will I serve it with??

    From what I know of you, I would never expect your family in an Olan Mills portrait pose. Your photos are great!

    I wish I could name that movie – I know very few movies. But I do identify with clawing for an artistic moment, for heaven's sake.

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