All a-flutter

I’m a bundle of nerves. I have jewelry orders to fill (!), an accepted article (!) to touch up, and a runway strut (!) to perfect.

Pivoting and oh-so casually placing a hand on a cocked hip is a lot harder than it looks. That I’m doing it in front of a couple hundred people at a hoppin’ joint on a Friday night is, is, is…well, it’s CRAZY, that’s what. I try not to think about it too much.

I am not cooking. I am not blogging. I am not reading. I am not sleeping.

I am buzz-buzz-buzzing.

And I am calling up all my girlfriends to see if any of them have a pair of size 9 black heels (the higher the better) that I might borrow.

That’s it for now, sweeties. Gotta fly!


  • Mavis

    FYI: I cannot STAND the show either… but for the $200,000 appearance fee… I would do it.
    IN.A.HEARTBEAT. Then I would run away to Ireland and live in a thatched roof cottage by the sea.

  • Jennifer Jo

    Girlfriends, thanks for all the (theoretical) shoe offers! Friend Andrea delivered—a pair of stunning Mary Jane heels that I'm tempted to steal.

    Mavis, dancing with the stars is NOT my dream. No way, no how, nevah. (Just to be clear.)

  • Mavis

    I don't own a pair of high heels…but if I did I'd let you borrow them. My advise: Check the thrift store. Best Wishes on your performance… I think someone should video tape it so you can post it on you tube… who knows… you maybe make it on to dancing with the stars!

  • Misha

    I have size not hawt RED high, high heels. I would gladly add some red to your strut if I could! : )

    So excited for you about all of this!!

  • Margo

    oh yes, you described it perfectly! BUZZZZZZZING over here too!
    my feet are bigger than yours.
    congrats on the article and the gig and the jewelry – I favorited his shop and i'm off and running so i'll look more closely later.

  • Crystal

    I have some boots with heels and they fit me so I'm pretty sure they're a size 9. I just looked at them and the heels are about an inch, I'd guess, maybe less.

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