Kind of a joke

I made Mr. Handsome an extra big sandwich today: turkey, cheese, boiled eggs (two), bread and butter pickles, mayo, salt and pepper, and spinach.

I wonder if he’ll be able to fit his mouth around it. I wonder if he’ll eat all of it.

I wonder if he’ll even say anything about it when he comes home…


  • Jennifer Jo

    Bess, I’m glad you like the asparagus—thanks for weeding the bed for us!

    Vehementflame and Amy, When you come to visit me, I’ll make you your sandwich to order! Whatever you want. Promise.

  • Anonymous

    that sandwich looks like perfection. wowza. also, the asparagus is fabulous. fried it up in maybe a little too butter, salted it and gobbled it up. SO GOOD. reminds me of my mom, which is even happier. 🙂

  • vehementflame

    oh nice. I want one too only can you please add some red onion, cucumbers, hold the cheese, add hot peppers and lots of dijon mustard, more mayo,a few slices of bacon, toast the bread, and butter it first? Thanks. And I’ll take some cookies too.

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