Going to work

Yesterday was Sweetsie’s first time going to work with her papa.

Most parents take pictures of their kids heading off for their first day of school, but that’s not really relevant in our family seeing as we homeschool and all.

Going to work with Papa is our measuring stick for growing up.

When we told Sweetsie that she could go to work, her eyes sparkled and she grew two inches. Then she got all serious and business-like and went about gathering together her tape player and tapes, a blanket (“so we can have a picnic”), her coloring book and markers, her spit rag, and her lunch. Part way through her breakfast she sighed heavily and said, “I got to go to work now, Mom.” I made her finish her bowl of granola first.

Mr. Handsome reported that she ate half her lunch as soon as they got to the job site, she listened to Alvin and the Chipmunks on the truck stereo straight through about five times, and she never once—never once—complained.

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  • Amy

    mmm – granola and yogurt. All I’ve had this AM is coffee. Pity is greatly appreciated. Or not, because I’m just lazy.

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