(Almost) No Words

Note: While this cake is a real kicker, I’ll admit that the chocolate cake part isn’t my absolute favorite. I have one that I like better—that recipe involves more cocoa, some eggs, milk, and coffee. But for now, and for Simplicity’s Sake, I’m just giving you the basics. Take the main idea—chocolate cake, sweetened cream cheese, chocolate chips—and play around with it, substituting in your favorite chocolate cake recipe, if you wish. Though if you’re in a pinch or are feeling lazy, this one is plenty fine, of course.


  • Jennifer Jo

    Tiny-Little Brother,

    Are you making the blobs of cream cheese too big? Are you laying them on the top of the batter VERY gently? Maybe you could try a different, thicker chocolate cake batter (ie. Arthur’s Chocolate Cake). If this doesn’t answer your question, then call Mom.


    Ps. Does it still taste good when it’s all sunken? If so, could it be that the sunked cream cheese ain’t even a problem?

  • Unknown

    Looks delicious! Perhaps I’ll make this when I invite my new neighbors over, when we get some that is. Oh, and if our new place comes with an oven. I hope it does because the bread here is terrible so I need to start baking.


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