Here are some of the bodacious babes that I lugged out of my garden.

I’m both excited and stymied by them—I love pumpkin, but how in the world are we going to eat them all (and remember, there are more in the garden)? I’ll make pumpkin soup, bread, and pie, but you can only eat so much pumpkin, right?

Should I bake them up now and freeze the pulp? Can it? Pressure can it? Line them up down in the basement and forget about them?

Ideas, anyone? What’s the best way to maximize their potential? That is, without overdoing it and turning into a big orange ball, myself, in the process.


  • Jennifer Jo

    Zoe, you crack me up!

    Thy Hand, I’ll have Mr. H read your comment and then see what effect it has on him.

    Kris, I love the idea of a pumpkin smoothie, especially (mostly) because you used the word “Kline” as an adjective. And thanks for the compliment—maybe I should start signing off as BB, for Bodacious Babe?

    -JJ (or BB)

  • Anonymous

    I also meant to say that they really are beauties! Bodacious Babes for sure!!

    You must be a bodacious babe just for having them grow in your garden. 🙂


  • Anonymous

    You can store them in your basement if it’s not too cold and damp. Actually they do just fine at a relatively dry, 60-70 degrees. Do you have a closet or attic space that’s available? You’ll want to check them now and then for bad spots, but it saves time and electricity if you have space to just let them sit rather than processing now.

    I suppose you’ve made squash/sausage/apple bake? Or have you served squash/apple/onion/raisin/ginger in a crock pot for potluck? (You have enough squash for every potluck from now until next fall, or the fall after….) Or have you made pumpkin smoothies (think Kline’s pumpkin ice cream)? Or checked Simply in Season’s pumpkin/squash recipes? Or given any to me?

    Here’s a bit of trivia: These are technically squash, I think, because pumpkin growers must only classify the orange ones as pumpkins, and any other shade, even if it’s the right shape, is a squash.


  • You Can Call Me Jane

    Do nothing. That’s what I did and my husband is downstairs making pumpkin pie right now (from a pumpkin!):-).

  • Zoë

    just turn into a big orange ball. it’d look becoming on you.

    there’s a recipe for pumpkin bars in Simply in Season. Actually, they are called winter squash bars, i think.

    i just freeze the puree. it’s ever so yummy next spring when you are tired of peas and strawberries.

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