Juvenile Politics

Now that I started talking, kind of, about the political scene, I can’t seem to stop. Furthermore, I’ve been craving my debate fix (can’t wait till Wednesday when my honeyman and I get to munch on popcorn in bed while glazedly staring at the evil boob tube!), and then I discovered this article and voila!, my need was met. Craving satisfied. Inner peace restored.

This debate is for anyone, both the righties and the lefties and the confused and disturbed and worried and troubled people riding the fence (that’s not to say that the righties and lefties don’t also have those traits in their possession). Whatever your position (and whatever traits you are possessing), you’ve just gotta read it. You must read it. So go ahead and click here, and laugh your fool head off.


  • Queenie

    I have not ever posted anything about politics, but I’m about to because that blog link sure encapsulates how I felt about the candidates after watching the debates. Why should I vote for anyone who does not answer my questions (which happen to be very similar to those posted by the playdate mom.) What is the real difference between those guys anyway–and does it matter???? Neither one has convinced me that there is or it does.

  • current typist

    On NPR I heard Ralph Nader today say that the debates are put together by the debates commission, which is controlled by Dems and Reps, which means third party candidates don’t even get invited to the debates. I think that’s a shame. Having a third candidate there would really make them all have to act mature. I’m now tempted to vote for Nader just because this two-party poopyhead setup is so crappy!

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