Blow Out

This is what happens if you don’t dock the bread properly, or if it hasn’t been proofed all the way.

In this case, both factors were present. The bread was under-proofed (right around 58 degrees instead of 62) so I should have made a deeper cut when I docked it.

But I didn’t, and you can see how the bread contorted itself as it struggled to find room to expand.

So now it sports a Novocaine-induced chipmunk face—a loaf of bread that has had dental work. How about that … a genuinely toothsome bread.


  • Jennifer Jo

    Yeah, I knew I probably should’ve said something, but I was feeling lazy. I proofed that loaf in an African-type basket—it had a solid weave with no gaps. I just floured it really good. That’s what you’re supposed to do, according to Silverton—use bread baskets (whatever they are) to proof your bread.


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