Re Comparisons:

I occasionally get paralyzed by my life.

“Occasionally” means several times a day. “Paralyzed” means that I walk from the kitchen sink to the back door to the back hall to the table to the desk and back again, all the while attempting (in vain, I might add) to get my kids to stop fighting, stop fussing, and stop moping and just go out and play. Or else quietly (and cheerfully) do their chores or their school work or something. Anything! Just. Leave. Me. Alone. Allow me the pleasure of an uninterrupted stream of thought for three consecutive minutes. Please! Please! PUL-EEZE!

So I run laps, bark orders, usher the kids out of the room, separate them yet again, and before you know it all my energy has trickled out of me so that even when the children are finally out of my hair, I find myself mindlessly walking in circles or gazing out the window, unable to muster the energy to do any of the tasks on my list.

And then it’s suppertime so we eat eggs.


  • 40winkzzz

    Ha. I head-blogged a similar post the other day as I was pedaling to the library. Somehow it manages to conveniently happen that when I have days like these, I also have holds in at the library, which gives me a marvelous opportunity to run -er, pedal- away. When Hubby sees me strapping on my helmet and asks where I’m going and I say, “Away,” he knows not to question any further! He also knows that he is probably going to make dinner, which means we/they have (guess what) eggs.

    There; I just wrote most of the head-blog. Too bad I didn’t do it on my *own* blog!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone has days like these, but when you have them, it feels like you’re the only one. Hope today’s better, and thank God for books on tape for the kids (as “My Father’s Dragon” plays in the next room).

  • Unknown

    and pretty soon, the sounds of fighting and bickering will just be echoes and one will long once more for those spontaneous hugs, grape juice smiles, irremovable stains and sand in the bed.

    Yeah, I am trying to convince myself too.

    Seriously, this must be the most challenging time of motherhood. (at least, I hope. If it gets any worse that this….I’m leaving.)

    But do try out that book I suggested a number of weeks back, I think you will ‘like’ it. And find some remedies that may help relieve the strain.


  • You Can Call Me Jane

    Dear friend, I hear your paralysis- and I have half the kids to suck energy from me. It exhausts me to the point of not wanting to do a thing. Especially on a rainy day.

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